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Industrial Automation
Case Studies

Distribution Center – Automated Product Stacking

Centrifugal Compression Relief Cam Tester

Punch Press Automatic Transfer System

Log Handling Equipment and Cant / Flitch Conveying Controls

Lumber Handling Equipment and Tipple Control

Heat Exchanger Pneumatic Pressure Tester

Production Takt Time Control

Foundry Sand Control System Retrofit

Crouton Conveyor Case Inspection and Automation

Bovine Teat Washing Controller

Core Oven Monitor and Humidity Control

Heat Exchanger Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Waste Water Treatment SCADA

Windmill Control Retrofit

Community Water System

Paint Booth Air Flow Control

Chill Roll Stand Modifications

Generator Control Systems

Ice Plant Controls

Serpentine Saw

Welded Handle Bag Production

Punch Press Controls

Pleated Bag Production

Dust Collection System

Community Water System

Eight Unit Web Printing Line

Donut Proofer Filler Control


Brush Assembly

Main Street Ingredients

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