Water Systems

Industrial Automation has completed many projects in the water industry, from water & waste water to irrigating and pumping controls. We know this industry and the special pumping control, SCADA/HMI, and reporting that is required for this industry. Ignition by Inductive Automation is our preferred SCADA/HMI software platform. With Ignition you can see, control, and analyze your data like never before. We have integrated new controllers with existing and new pumping motor controls and sensor installations. These new control platforms, which usually include a new touch screen interface, now more than ever require remote monitoring and reporting. This could include sending out a status text message or an E-mail detailing an alarm condition. Remote service is now easier than ever when designed into the installation as a remote VPN, remote network, or a web access point.

  • Community potable water systems
  • Community waste water systems
  • Irrigation pumping stations
  • Remote monitoring and control