Case Studies

RADPAD Machine Controls

Customer:  Worldwide Innovations and Technologies

Worldwide Innovations produces sterile radiation protection pads used in a variety of radiation therapy procedures. The three to five layer pads are produced in a variety of sizes and many include procedure defined product cut outs. Until recently, the RADPAD production was done by hand. WIT needed to automate this process to meet increasing production and quality control demands.

Project Scope:  RADPAD Production

Industrial Automation assisted a local mechanical engineer and machine builder for creating a machine concept. When the concept was approved, we procured motors, drives, and numerous other electromechanical devices and other equipment that were needed to construct the machine. The machine builder constructed the machine frames, dies, heaters, and drive mechanics. Industrial Automation designed and constructed the distributed control system and five machine control enclosures. When the mechanical system was sufficiently assembled, we installed and wired the control enclosures. We then installed, tested, and validated our control and operator interface programs.

Project Design:  Allen Bradley Compact Logix

Industrial Automation’s RADPAD machine control design incorporates a customized Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC system and servo control. The Compact Logix system employs an Ethernet control network to communicate with remote I/O devices, the operator touch screen, and a plant (VPN) virtual private network. The remote I/O network was employed to enhance the control capabilities and to minimize field wiring and installation costs. The Compact Logix system also includes a four axis servo controller. This servo controller is optically linked to a multi axis Kenetics servo drive system. The servos are used to precisely position the attenuating material and outer covering material for die cutting and bonding during the pad production process. Analog signals control the numerous material bonding flash heaters and an ultrasonic welder. Five network connected Power Flex drives control the various material layer pay out reels. Each material layer web tension is independently controlled using an analog web dancer position sensor.

Project Results:  Efficiency, Quality, Productivity

The completed automated RADPAD production system greatly improves radiation pad production rates and quality control.