Case Studies

Punch Press Electrical Control Systems

Customer:  Venture Tool Inc.

Venture Tool Inc. located in Onalaska WI, is a manufacturer of large custom stamping dies used in their own stamping production lines and by others.

Project Scope:Three 1000 Ton Punch Press production Lines

Venture purchased and installed three used 1000 ton partial revolution punch presses and various stock handling equipment to be used in creating three new production lines at their facility. The presses were in good mechanical condition but the electrical controls were outdated, unsafe, and not suited for modern automated dies.  Industrial Automation was given the task of replacing the electrical control systems and integrating the punch press controls with other production line stock handling equipment. This total control integration would create three fully automated production lines.

Project Design: Wintress & Automation Direct Integration

As the injury risk for punch presses is high, we installed Wintriss press controls, an OSHA approved proprietary control system to control the flywheel clutch and brake assembly, and all of the safety related equipment in each press. It was necessary to tightly integrate the press control system to the rest of the press, die controls, and to the other production line equipment. An Automation Direct D2 series PLC that supports a full compliment of local I/O interfaced with the Wintriss control along with several ethernet connected remote I/O racks using Terminator I/O devices were employed to control the press main drive and many other auxiliary press systems.  A color touch screen is the primary operator interface in each line. All production line equipment can be monitored, set up, and controlled at the touch screen.

Project Results:  Efficiency, Quality, Productivity

The completed project met the safety and productivity goals set by management.  The production lines are easy to set up and operate.  Multiple die protection and stock feeding options are easily selected via the touch screens. Production die data can be stored and recalled to minimize set up times.