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Why Automate?

Reduce Downtime

Bottling Automation
  • Upgrade or retrofit existing machinery controls to decrease process downtime
  • Minimize breakdowns by pinpointing potential component failure
  • Simplify predictive and preventative maintenance processes
  • Identify and display point of failure in machinery

Improve Quality

  • Manage rapidly changing production and process data
  • Perform real time production tests to products and equipment
  • Track out-of tolerance materials, products, and scrap
  • Identify out of tolerance labeling or part defects using Keyence machine vision comprehensive imaging technology

Increase Productivity

  • Increase throughput, increase production rate, minimize waste and reduce errors
  • Simplify machine operation and reduce setup time
  • Reduce cycle time and work-in-progress while increasing inventory turns
  • Optimize and create predictable production to meet forecasts
  • Improve machine utilization and ergonomics

Enhance Safety

Reduce Energy Cost

  • Reduce energy consumption and demand peaks
  • Monitor energy usage more accurately and more precisely
  • Ensure balance of distribution systems
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